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Spring Art Festival - Participants

First Name Last Name Title Category
Michelle Agrinsoni Star Basket Ceramics
Michelle Agrinsoni Patina Ceramics
Michelle Agrinsoni Okto Acrylic
Michelle Agrinsoni Remember Me Acrylic
Gregory Aiello Harper's Playhouse Construction
Gregory Aiello Kayleigh’s Playhouse Construction
Mary Blatus Wisteria Oil Painting
Mary Blatus Memories Collage
Mary Blatus Dancers Oil Painting
Mary Blatus Hurricane Acrylic
Ron Boehning Lamp Construction
Ron Boehning Early 1900's Switches Construction
Kimberley Bushey Chihiro from Spirited Away Acrylic
Sonja Bushey Pop Art Garden Pixie Ceramics
Sonja Bushey Long Distance Phone Call Acrylic
Sonja Bushey Sunset Tide Oil Painting
Sonja Bushey Little Dog Acrylic
Nicole Campbell Kith and Kin, Jack of Earth Computer Graphic Art
Nicole Campbell Kith and Kin, Queen of Fire Computer Graphic Art
Nicole Campbell Kith and Kin, King of Water Computer Graphic Art
Nicole Campbell Kith and Kin, Ace of Water Computer Graphic Art
Sean Canavan Jenna Acrylic
Sean Canavan Red Harpy Acrylic
Sean Canavan Run to Eternity Acrylic
Rafelyna Capellan Antique Car Row Photography
Rafelyna Capellan Military Museum Photography
Rafelyna Capellan Gallery of Martyrs Photography
Rafelyna Capellan Old Church Photography
Rosanna Cardenas Quarantine Confetti Cake Acrylic
Rosanna Cardenas Someday Soon We will Celebrate Acrylic
Rosanna Cardenas You're a Star Acrylic
Victoria Cheung Powerpuff Girls Acrylic
Victoria Cheung Doraemon Acrylic
Victoria Cheung Flowers/Kermit Acrylic
Emily Garcia Butterflies Acrylic
Emily Garcia Sisters Acrylic
Emily Garcia Home in the Woods Oil Painting
Emily Garcia Autumn Stream Oil Painting
Richard Hamablet Kilowatt Lamp Construction
Melvin Hernandez Even in the time of darknesss…IBEW lights shine brightly in NY Photography
Brendan Hogarty Staircase in the Woods (Maine) Photography
Brendan Hogarty Bridge in the Sky (San Francisco) Photography
Brendan Hogarty Window into the Desert (Joshua Tree) Photography
Brendan Hogarty LEAF into Nature (Vermont) Photography
Isabella Holm Cupcakes Acrylic
Isabella Holm Polar Bear Acrylic
Isabella Holm Squirrel Acrylic
Isabella Holm Picasso Acrylic
Danny Ilagorre Day of the Dead Leather Work
Danny Ilagorre Gone Fishing Leather Work
Danny Ilagorre Roses Leather Work
Danny Ilagorre Saddle Up Leather Work
Wayne  King Covid Hat Miscellaneous
Nicole Kuper Lucille Ball Oil Painting
Nicole Kuper Watering Can Stained Glass
Nicole Kuper Meals In Quarantine, part 1 Watercolor
Nicole Kuper Meals In Quarantine, part 2 Watercolor
Alec Laino Copperhead Sculpture
Alec Laino Mad Jack Stained Glass
Alec Laino 12 awg H.D. Evolution Motor Sculpture
Henry Lang III Grace Sculpture
Daniel Lyons Breakfast of Champions Oil Painting
Daniel Lyons Hats off Ceramics
Linda Mansueto Light of Darkness Photography
Linda Mansueto Daffodil Photography
Linda Mansueto Swans Photography
Linda Mansueto Blue Grotto Photography
Neil Meyers Metamorphosis 2020 Miscellaneous
Alex Nazario G Scale Model freight train Oil Painting
Alex Nazario Spider Man on a Do Not Enter sign Oil Painting
Walter Nino Jr. Essential Worker Computer Graphic Art
Karen O'Keefe Healing Flower Photography
Karen O'Keefe Birthday Rose Photography
Karen O'Keefe Love the Blues Photography
Karen O'Keefe Coney Island Photography
Gianna Oliva Bart Simpson in Love Acrylic
Gianna Oliva No Mean Pills Acrylic
Gianna Oliva Lisa Simpson Acrylic
Gianna Oliva Letter with Love Acrylic
Gianna Oliva I Miss You Acrylic
Mitchell Siegel Wheelbarrel Miscellaneous
Mitchell Siegel Mermaid Miscellaneous
Mitchell Siegel Mustang Miscellaneous
Mitchell Siegel Hand Holding a Bolt of Lightning Miscellaneous
Angela Slattery Deer in Headlights Acrylic
Angela Slattery Comet Acrylic
Angela Slattery Plague Mask Acrylic
Angela Slattery Nuclear Acrylic
Sydney Sura Giraffe with Purple Rose Watercolor
Sydney Sura All Natural Girl Drawings
Sydney Sura Realistic Eye Drawings
Sydney Sura Dog on the Beach Watercolor/Drawings
Emily Taffe Shanty Photography
Emily Taffe 10th Avenue Freeze In Photography
Emily Taffe New Waves Photography
Marie Werner Flower in Waterfall Photography
Avilda Whitmore-Walker Interior Drawings
Chananant Wongnark The Birth of Venus the Cat Computer Graphic Art