Stress Seminar - Monday, September 9, 2019



Stress: The Hidden Killer

Working with electricity is stressful.  A lapse in judgment puts you in major danger.    Much of what an electrician does is troubleshoot problems. Being a good problem solver alleviates stressful work environments. You don't want on-the-job stressors to influence your judgment while working with electricity.   Whether it is the pressures of working long hours or dealing with other personalities in your work environment or dealing with the stressors of your family, stress is definitely part of the work that we do.  The question is:  do you deal with your stress effectively?

There is a price to pay if we don’t deal with our stress.  In addition to effecting our judgment and concentration, stress has been linked to heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Type II Diabetes and many other serious health challenges.   It is vital in today’s work environment to learn how to manage your stress.  Stress:  The Hidden Killer is a two hour practical and comprehensive stress management program that teaches electricians how to use the latest and most effective techniques for managing the stressors inherent in their work.

  • Learn three quick and practical stress management techniques that you can do anytime, anyplace, and anywhere and receive immediate results;
  • Learn the simple technique that will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure in one minute or less;
  • Understand why being optimistic is so important for living a longer and healthier life;
  • Determine your stress signature and which techniques work best for you;
  • Discover whether you are burning out and 3 steps to reversing
  • Learn the most important stress fact to emerge in the last ten years and why it is so important in your daily life;
  • Discover effective techniques for reversing both physical and psychological stress symptoms, including insomnia, headaches and poor concentration; 
  • Practice one of the most unique and fun stress management techniques available;
  • Understand why occupational stress is a greater factor for heart disease than smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and learn a technique that will turn off your stress instantly;

Course Presenter:       Robert Lawrence Friedman, M.A.

Seminar Schedule:      Two hour session from 5pm – 7pm

Date:                            Monday, September 9, 2019

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