Annuity Plan

The Annuity Plan provides you with a valuable supplement to other retirement income. All contributions to the Annuity Plan come from your employer, based on the collective bargaining agreement between the Union and your employer, and are automatically credited to your account.

The amount of the benefit paid to you or a beneficiary is determined by the amount of money in your account when you retire, become disabled, terminate employment, or die.

Plan Overview

This information provides the highlights of the Annuity Plan. Complete details are available in the Summary Plan Description.

You are a participant immediately upon the Plan’s receipt of your first employer contribution. Contributions are based on the collective bargaining agreement.

Your employer makes all contributions. Employer contributions are specified by the collective bargaining agreement and are credited directly to your account. Contribution amounts are based on your job class or length of service and an hourly or daily rate determined by the collective bargaining agreement.

Trustees adjust your account twice a year based on the balance on March 31 and September 30, reflecting gains, losses and expenses.

It’s always all yours. You are always fully vested in your account as of your first day of participation in the Plan.

You can get benefits when you stop working. Your account balance will be available to you or your beneficiary upon:

  • Retirement
  • Termination of employment
  • Permanent disability
  • Death


You may retire and begin receiving retirement benefits at the age of 55. The monthly maximum, fixed benefit is $2,500, which is paid until your account is exhausted.

Termination of Employment or Disability

Upon termination of employment or permanent disability, you will be entitled to receive up to $2,500 per month until your account is exhausted. If the account balance is $20,000 or less, the account may be payable in a single lump-sum upon request. If your account balance is over $20,000, the Plan allows for a one-time lump sum distribution of up to $20,000. If the balance is $1,000 or less, payment can automatically be made in a lump-sum.

Qualified Pre-retirement Survivor

If you die before retiring under this Plan, your surviving spouse may be eligible to receive benefit payments of up to $2,500 per month until the account is exhausted, or a monthly annuity for life.

Death Benefit

In addition to payment from your account balance, your beneficiary may receive a death benefit based on your age and years of continuous participation when contributions were made to the Plan.

IRS requires minimum payments to begin no later than April 1 following the year in which you reach 72, or the year in which you retire or terminate employment, whichever occurs last. Active participants who had a balance in the Annuity Plan of the Electrical Products Industries prior to October 1, 2001 and attain age 72 after this date may commence payment the April 1st following their attainment of age 72, even if employed.

Plan Information

Plan Name: Annuity Plan of the Electrical Industry

Plan Identification Number: 13-6123600

Plan Number: 003

Plan Year: October 1 through September 30

Type of Plan: This Plan is a Defined Contribution Plan. Participants receive a definite amount each month until their account balance is exhausted.

Plan Administrator: Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon my death, what Annuity Plan benefits are payable to my beneficiary?

Your named beneficiary is entitled to receive monthly distributions of any remaining account balance. In addition, the Annuity Plan pays a maximum death benefit of up to $67,500 to the named beneficiary, which will first be distributed in monthly installments of up to $2,500. The amount is based on your age and years of service. A one-time lump-sum payment, equal to the greater of 25% of the total initial account balance plan plus the death benefit or $20,000, is also available.

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