Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan (E.E.S.I.S.P.)

The Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan (E.E.S.I.S.P.) administers Workers’ Compensation benefits, collectively bargained supplemental benefits and Short-Term Disability benefits for many of the members of IBEW Local Union No. 3.

One of the most important features of E.E.S.I.S.P. is the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program. In 1996, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board granted E.E.S.I.S.P. the authority to operate the ADR program for all claims filed after that date. E.E.S.I.S.P. is the largest entity in the state which operates an ADR program. The ADR program has resulted in shorter time periods from injury to claim resolution, reduced attorney fees and claim handling that is sensitive to the particular needs of injured workers and contractors operating in the electrical industry in the New York City environment.

E.E.S.I.S.P. has partnered with Optum to provide prescription benefits for your work related injury. Learn more information about this benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I need medical treatment for my ADR claim, who should I contact?

Contact MagnaComp at (888) 336-8773 and they will recommend doctors in your area. Please note, you must use a doctor in the MagnaComp network or payment of bills will be denied.

If you require immediate or emergency treatment following an injury, you may go to any hospital or walk-in clinic. If additional treatment is required, you must contact MagnaComp for a referral to an in-network provider.

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